▸ How to order?

How to order on Phargoods


Member >  Login/Register > Login > Shop > Add items to shopping cart > Checkout > (Enter a coupon code if you have one) Proceed to checkout > Enter your delivery address > Enter recipient’s information > Choose checkout method > Checkout now > Complete when order numbers appear


※ Payment has been completed, but the order status is still pending payment?


After completing the credit card or transfer payment, sometimes the payment processing system cannot send back the trading information immediately. If the payment status still appears pending after 8 hours, please contact us.


※ How to cancel my order?


If your order status is Pending Payment, then go to  order > Cancel order > Cancel confirmed.



About Delivery

※ How to modify the order, shipping address or cancel the order?


The order cannot be modified after the order is sent out. If you need to modify the order, please contact us for assistance.

If the order status is not pending payment, you cannot cancel the order by yourselves. You need to contact us. 


※ How many days does it take to receive the goods after ordering them?


Confirmed orders would be dispatched within three business days (excluding weekends and holidays)


▸ Return and Refund


※ Return will be processed only if:


Contact us with your request within 7 days of receiving your order:

  • it is determined that the product was not damaged while in your possession
  • All returned items must be in brand new condition and fully packaged(including the outer packaging, gifts, etc.).
    No partial return is allowed.If the return is caused by the product quality or the mistake from us, please contact us.

※ What should I do if I receive defective or wrong products?


The following cases can be returned/exchanged:

  • The goods were damaged in transit
  • The received goods do not match your order
  • Product quality or any other mistake from us

Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order, and we will process the return/exchange for you.


※ Do I have to pay the shipping fee for returning the goods?


Within 7 days after receiving the goods, you can only apply for one free return shipping within the period.

During the 7 days return period, if you want to return the goods twice, you will need to afford the delivery fee.